Former Pakistani pace legends, Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis, have voiced strong criticism against the decision to rest Shaheen Shah Afridi from the ongoing Sydney Test against Australia.

Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis emphasized the significance of Test cricket and raised concerns about prioritizing shorter formats over the ultimate format of the game.

Speaking on Fox Cricket, Wasim Akram stressed the need for players to understand the distinction between the allure of T20 cricket for financial gains and the lasting legacy that Test cricket bestows.

“Straight after this [Sydney Test] there are five T20s in New Zealand, and Shaheen Afridi’s the captain,” Wasim said on Fox Cricket.

“But T20 cricket, who cares? I understand, it’s there for entertainment and it’s there for financial gain for cricket boards, for players, but cricketers should know that Test cricket is the ultimate. ”

“If we talk about what happened 20 years ago in this Test in Sydney, nobody knows what happened last night in T20. That’s the difference.”

Source: ICC

“These guys have to understand and learn, if you want to be a great of the game or do you want to be a millionaire. You can become both but with a little more sense,” Wasim added.

He highlighted the enduring impact of Test performances compared to the fleeting nature of T20 encounters, urging players to strive for greatness rather than merely chasing financial rewards.

Echoing Akram’s sentiments, Waqar Younis also expressed surprise and disappointment at Shaheen Afridi’s absence from the Test, emphasizing the team’s primary commitment to Test match cricket.

“We play for Test match cricket,” Younis stressed, indicating the value and honor associated with the longest format. He underscored Afridi’s promising form and his importance to the Test lineup, expressing bewilderment over the decision to rest a player who appeared to be finding his rhythm and form.

“We don’t play for T20s or one-day cricket. And if you’re missing Test match cricket purely because you are being rested, I do not understand.”

“That’s a real shocker for me because I was expecting him to be a part of this Test match because he looked good in the previous match. He started feeling like the old Shaheen Afridi and started to swing the ball and the pace was getting better,” he concluded.

Both cricketing legends’ remarks emphasize the enduring legacy and significance of Test cricket, urging players to prioritize the rich history and impact of the longer format, challenging the allure of shorter formats like T20 cricket, even with its financial enticements.

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