transgender rights in pakistan

The way Transgender persons in Pakistan are treated – both by the people and the state- is worthy of being condemned and seriously needs to change.

However, it cannot be denied that the government has been making efforts to improve the status of transgender persons in Pakistan.

Some of the examples are the government’s order to get their ID cards made so they can be recognized as the 3rd gender, and orders s to give employment opportunities to them so that they can afford to stop begging and selling their bodies to make a living.

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Another admirable and extremely necessary step has been taken by the state to protect Transgender rights in Pakistan:

Rawalpindi City Police Officer has said that any individual caught misbehaving with members of the transgender community will be arrested.

Misbehaving includes any kind of abuse inflicted towards them, be it sexual, verbal, or emotional. If any law-breaker harasses the transgender persons or subjects them to sexual harassment, a case will be registered against them.

This step will greatly help improve the way transgender people in Pakistan are treated and hopefully the stigma attached with them which results to gender-based violence will be removed.

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Let us hope that the orders passed are followed instead of just being orders in a book, and our society becomes more tolerant, peaceful, and friendly towards all genders.

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