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A new study has shown that people can respond more productively if the length of tasks is different. This study could be a breakthrough when it comes ensuring people in the workforce can perform their best. Are you wondering how to work best? This is the trick:

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What Do Longer Deadlines Do?

The study basically demonstrates that longer deadlines can actually lead workers to take an assignment counterproductively. They may think that the work is harder than it actually is. As a result, they commit more resources to the work. The subsequent result is that this increases how much they procrastinate and increases their likelihood of quitting. This is also true even when the deadline length is incidental. For instance, when a venue or guest isn’t available for an extended period of time.

productive solution
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Results also showed other things pertaining to longer deadlines. This also meant that they spent longer time working on the deadlines and spent more time on it. However, there was a catch: they were more likely to procrastinate and likely to quit it.

What Is The Parkinson’s Law?

Parkinson’s law also builds our understanding on a lot of things. The law states that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” This also adds to the same theory so far. The longer the deadline, the less likely you are to understand that it is not in fact that hard. It seems bigger than is and become scared.

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The Solution?

The solution to all of this is setting shorter deadlines. If there’s one big goal or deadline, the way to go about it is to set smaller goals and deadlines in the middle. Setting these achievable and easy goals also keeps ones spirits up. The work does not fill in the time and then you’re less likely to procrastinate.

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This tendency also reduces our capability to opt for quitting. When we don’t feel like a work is bigger or more stressful than it actually is, we don’t turn towards procrastination or quitting. The result? More productive individuals and goals completed.

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