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Walls By Unilever Pakistan has taken the initiative to establish a playing area in Karachi. The highlight is not just that it made an effort to create a space for park visitors but that they attempted to create a dialogue for plastic waste.

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Play area by Walls Unilever

In the signature red, the play area screams of being attached to Walls. The ice cream brand is loved by everyone but naturally, it is the kids who love Walls ice creams the most, isn’t it? Using this relation, Walls decided to collaborate with Parks & Horticulture Department, KMC.

The benches and the play area combine are made from almost 1662 kg of plastic waste. The waste collection for the construction is part of Unilever’s initiative of collecting and recycling 2 million kilos of water in just the year 2021, all across Pakistan.

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People, of course, appreciated the initiative the moment it touched social media. When the situation seems impossible especially when it comes to the waste statistics of Karachi, initiatives like these make the citizens feel like they are not alone.

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Seeing this, hopefully, Pakistanis will own the recycling plastic movement and be more careful of the waste they discard and the process they take to discard it.

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Unilever Pakistan at Frere Halls

This effort is not in isolation. Unilever Pakistan has done this before as well. One of Pakistan’s biggest FMCG’s set itself the target to collect, recycle and reuse the plastic that it uses. For that purpose, they had collaborated with the Parks & Horticulture Department, KMC, at that time, with Frere Gardens as the prime location to create awareness.

unilever pakistan
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At Frere Hall Garden, the FMCG donated 18 benches and a play area made of 2,500 kilos of recycled plastic. The space was inaugurated in July 2021.

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