Wahaj Ali Takes a Stand for Yumna Zaidi Over Controversial Meme

Wahaj Ali recently demonstrated his support for fellow actress Yumna Zaidi by defending her in the comments section of a social media post. The post featured a meme that poked fun at Yumna’s on-screen chemistry with her co-stars, including Wahaj himself, Feroze Khan, Azan Sami Khan, and Humayun Saeed.

Wahaj and Yumna rose to fame as one of television’s most beloved couples after the massive success of their drama serial ‘Tere Bin’. A sequel for it has been announced. Both stars are already working on big projects. Yumna recently appeared opposite Humayun Saeed in ‘Gentleman’, with fans praising their on-screen chemistry.

The meme, posted by a fan page, featured four picture collages of Yumna with her co-stars.

Take a look:

Just like potatoes can be paired with various dishes, Yumna joked that she can form chemistry with anyone. However, Wahaj took issue with the meme, advising the social media user to remove the post. The admin of the page refused. No disrespect was intended he stated.

Wahaj’s actions sparked mixed reactions from netizens. Some argued that he misunderstood the joke due to his lack of knowledge about potatoes’ versatility in cooking. Others commended his actions, stating that it showed respect for his fellow actress.

By standing up for Yumna, Wahaj demonstrated his commitment to supporting and respecting his fellow artists, even in the face of memes. His actions show that he values his relationships with his colleagues and will not hesitate to defend them when necessary.

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