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Do you know about the latest trend that’s taking over the entertainment world for the youth? The new sensation on the internet is called VTubing and we have a feeling you want to be in the know about it. So, here’s everything you need to know:

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What Is VTubing?

So, in VTubing (which is also known as VTuber, short for Virtual YouTuber), you utilize motion capture. This is done to operate a 2D or 3D virtual avatar rather than your actual face and body. Doesn’t it sound so Gen-Z?

This phenomena also originated in Japan. Moreover, it’s only been around for around five years which is why you might not know about it. But Japanese broadcasters who catered to the “otaku” (mega fan) anime audience rapidly adopted it and it has now become a strong competition for anime.

What Does VTubing Offer?

The new phenomena offers something special. It allows you to protect one’s identity while allowing popularity and wealth to VTubers. You can manipulate control over your gender, voice, identity, and race as a VTuber. Everything can be as you want. Now, this trend has become a big thing. BY 2021, it had a sizable global subculture following.

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For English Streamers Or For Japanese?

VTubing initially was an independent, underground phenomenon for the English-language internet. But it all changed when the well-known Twitch streamer Pokimaine made live streaming history by gaming with a 3D anime avatar. It then became popular in late 2020. Pewdipie is also responsible for bringing attention to this trend. VTubing is also popular in niche communities. People aren’t very happy about others hiding behind a cute Japanese anime avatar because they don’t feel like being on camera. It doesn’t feel authentic enough. 

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But VTubers are so much more than “for fun” personalities if we look to a future Japan. Studios create VTuber characters that are utilized as influencers in promotions and fan interactions. Although there are independent VTubers, production companies like Polygon Pictures tend to produce the most well-known ones. This also equates to 3 million YouTube subscribers for the most well-known Japanese Vlogger, Kizuna AI.

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