Indian television actor Vivian Dsena has made headlines not only for his stellar performances on-screen but also for his journey of embracing Islam. He is known for his roles in hit TV shows like “Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani” and “Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon.” Currently, Dsena’s decision to publicly announce his conversion to Islam in 2023 has sparked discussion.

Dsena revealed that he embraced Islam in 2019 but chose to announce it publicly in 2023. The holy month of Ramadan holds profound significance for him. It marks the time when he embraced Islam. The actor expressed his journey, “I embraced Islam in Ramadan, and that is the reason why Ramadan is very close to my heart.” He also emphasized the importance of fasting during Ramadan. Considering it one of the main pillars of the religion.

vivian dsena

More Into Vivian Dsena ‘s Journey

Reflecting on his experience, Dsena shared that his fasting journey has been smooth. Despite being accustomed to coffee and water, he managed to observe the fast.

“God has been kind so far.”

Vivian showed gratitude for the ease with which he has been able to fulfill his obligations.

Husband and father, Vivian Dsena highlighted the importance of family support. He expressed his gratitude for having a caring family. Explaining they make every day special with their home-cooked meal. Ramadan is not just about fasting but also about coming together as a family for him.

Vivian Dsena’s journey of embracing Islam is a reminder of different paths to spirituality and faith. His openness about the matter highlights Islam’s values of peace, tolerance, and unity.

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