couple in Chitral
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Tradition, culture, and history are what make a rich society. But it is also true that there are some problematic, toxic factors that keep on breathing in the name of these elements. A case in point will be how patriarchy is a part of our culture but it boils into misogyny. While we need to call out what is wrong in society, we do not have to get offended by literally everything including a cute viral video of a couple in Chitral.

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Couple in Chitral

Someone recently took to Twitter a video of a cultural tradition from Chitral. Apparently, their custom indicates that the newly married couple will make roti together. This act is supposed to symbolize how in their time together, they will work together with mutual cooperation.

Netizens choose sides

But the keyboard warriors were not far behind. They jumped into action creating opposing groups on the matter. While some were of the opinion that this was a beautiful gesture and a tradition that needs to be preserved. There were others who said that this was somehow oppressing women. The latter used pieces of evidence such as the bride doing the entire roti-making work while the groom just flipping it or how the women all around were glorifying the groom and not appreciating the bride much.

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People in support

People against the tradition 

Analysis of a reader

It begs the question of why is there even a controversy ensuing from a simple video. Who is right; the people sending positive remarks or the people sending hate? The critics remind one of Lila Abu Lughod where she mentioned how the white feminists do not factor in a culture and its values. They believe that by enforcing their own beliefs they will be liberating a society.

They could not be completely wrong but in this case, specifically, the aggression doesn’t make sense. First of all, it is a cultural tradition just like the customs of joota chupai and doodh pilayi. Secondly, the roti-making custom seems the most progressive tradition considering the feminist agenda. It tells the public that society does not believe in the woman managing the kitchen alone. The household chore of cooking befalls both men and women. By working together, especially within the house, the custom shows that the couple can conquer anything thrown their way.

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