Veena Malik is a well-known Pakistani TV and film actor, mimicry artist, and host. She made a name for herself through her work in Lollywood and Bollywood. Starting her career in modeling, she soon appeared in popular Pakistani dramas like “Misfit.” Additionally, she gained widespread recognition as a contestant on one of the seasons of Big Boss. Now a single mother of two, Veena continues to captivate audiences. She was currently hosting a travelogue series in the Northern areas of Pakistan for Discover Pakistan.

Veena Malik Faces Backlash For Her Fake Stunt

Recently, a video of Veena Malik has gone viral on the YouTube and Facebook channels of Discover Pakistan. In the clip, Veena is seen climbing snow-covered mountains with two experienced guides. Then she suddenly slips on a dangerous path. The video has sparked a lot of reactions online, much like her previous viral video where she stumbled on a dangerous bridge.

Here is a link to the video:

Hilariously enough, the comments began to point out everything wrong with her ways, despite traveling with professionals. Fans and social media users are urging Veena to wear proper shoes and some are even suggesting she avoid such risky adventures. The feedback has been mixed overall. Many trolling her for what they perceive as overacting. Critics have labeled her a “drama queen,” accusing her of deliberately staging these incidents to get views and attention.

Veena Malik commentsDespite the criticism, Veena’s fans continue to support her. They appreciate how dedicated she is to exploring Pakistan’s beautiful landscapes. Moreover, sharing the beautiful sights and sceneries with the rest of us. The video, while controversial, has certainly kept Veena Malik in the spotlight. As she continues her travelogue series, it remains to be seen how she will respond to her critics and what new adventures await.

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