In lieu of the decision to expel illegal Afghan refugees, tens of thousands of Afghan citizens have departed from Pakistan and are returning to Afghanistan this month.

The decision, which came earlier this month, was prompted by an explosion at a mosque in Mastung city near the Afghanistan border. The blast occurred during a religious celebration and claimed the lives of at least 50 people.

Pakistani government then issued directives for foreigners lacking proper documentation to depart by November 1, or else risk deportation.

Pakistan’s Interior Minister, Sarfraz Bugti, did not explicitly mention this incident or another attack in Balochistan province when issuing the crackdown order against “illegal” Afghan residents.

It’s worth noting that Afghanistan’s authorities have consistently denied offering sanctuary to militants who pose a threat to Pakistan.

Ushna Shah Shares Her Stance

Actress and model Ushna Shah took to her Twitter account to protest against the government’s decision, stressing how Afghan refugees must not be sent back to the realms of the Taliban since God knows what’s gonna happen to these people there.

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Netizens React To Her Tweet

If there is one thing that happens often on social media, it’s the fans urging celebrities to get their information straight and educate themselves on the matter. A similar instance happened with Ushna where netizens shared their two cents about her tweet.

‘They are illegal immigrants Ushna.’ One user wrote.

‘Really? We can afford them. They are smuggling. They are increasing crime in Pakistan. Everyone has to protect their people first. We have been facilitating them for decades and we get hate in return.’ another user wrote.

‘Ushna this time you are on the wrong side.’

Pakistani authorities have emphasized that the countrywide enforcement actions are not aimed at the 1.4 million Afghan refugees who possess legal registration or the approximately 900,000 individuals holding Afghan citizenship cards.

The government has issued directives to law enforcement agencies to refrain from causing any inconvenience to Afghan residents who comply with the law. However, there have been claims from both Taliban representatives and refugees about alleged police misconduct, mistreatment, and instances of extortion.

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