Pakistani show host-turned-actor and prolific producer Fahad Mustafa recently gave his two cents on Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), a regulatory body with which he’s had plenty of bittersweet experiences.

PEMRA has frequently made headlines, particularly when popular movies are set for release, or when it takes action against select journalists or television dramas, such as the controversial “Hadsa,” for potentially damaging the country’s image.

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In conversation with another rapper-turned-actor and show host Ahmad Ali Butt, Fahad Mustafa advocated for PEMRA’s authenticity and affirmed that if the said regulatory body is warning you about something, they most certainly are right.

“I give PEMRA credit for acknowledging the best, and they want the best to acknowledge them back. It’s just that,” Fahad said during his appearance on Excuse Me with Ahmad Ali Butt.

Furthermore, the Jeeto Pakistan star defended PEMRA’s stance for not taking action on many objectionable situations, stating that the situation must not be worth addressing.

The actor also justified why popular releases and bans from the media watchdog often end up hand-in-hand.

“If they’re trying to be in the limelight, then let them be,” Fahad added.

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Tall claims in Pakistan film industry:

Shifting the discussion towards the Pakistani film industry, Fahad Mustafa touched on filmmakers who sometimes overcommit to the concept and feel of a movie before its production. While not singling out any individuals, he candidly discussed the state of Lollywood films without explicitly naming names.

“Films can’t do good business in this country [Pakistan],” the Na Maloom Afraad star asserted.

While his commitment to method acting has been evident throughout his projects, he spoke most fondly of his experience with Na Maloom Afraad.

“I had a rebirth with Na Maloom Afraad,” Fahad said, adding that he was in his worst condition in his first few films. But that also served the purpose of casting me for the role.

“At one point, people even called me ghareebon ka hero [hero of the underprivileged].” In retrospect, Fahad acknowledged that this was precisely the image he had sought to convey.

The conversation between Fahad Mustafa and Ahmed Ali Butt was not limited to professional insights, with Ahmed Ali Butt prodding Fahad about his past crushes.

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