It comes as a surprise to hear that the United States has announced to issue up to 15,000 additional visas, known as H-2B visas for temporary workers to help the American businesses suffering from a shortage of labor as reported by the Homeland Security Department on Monday.

The U.S Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly found out that there is an acute shortage of qualified American workers to perform nonagricultural work. Alexander Acosta, Labor secretary added that out of the qualified workers not everyone was willing to work on temporary assignments.

The people who work at seasonal resorts, landscaping and seafood harvesting and processing are the ones eligible for the H-2B visas.

However, the American government has laid down a few rules for businesses wanting to hire foreigners as seasonal workers.

  1. The business must show that they tried to fill the vacancy with domestic workers by placing advertisements.
  2. An attestation is necessary under the penalty of perjury that businesses will suffer permanent and severe financial losses if not allowed to hire foreign workers.

It has been said that the 15,000 visas are too less as every year the government allows 66,000 visas for this purpose which are divided between summer and winter months.

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