Upcoming Cinderella Movie
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The best part about childhood is probably all the fairytales narrated to us. Looking back at all those stories, you would realize how almost all of them define archaic gender roles. Teaching these stories to our children now will only mean that we are embedding the same ideas in the minds of the future generation. So it is time to tweak the narrative. In fact, it is already happening and you can see it in the trailer of the upcoming Cinderella movie.

Upcoming Cinderella Movie Trailer

Played by Camila Cabello, the new cinderella narrative features a girl not looking for a husband to save her. She has her own ambitions, her own dreams to follow. Of course, the movie does seem like it was made to forcibly defy all stereotypes; to seem progressive. So, you see a woman distancing herself from making her life all about a man while the woman is only a part of the man’s life. But you also see that to portray the fairy godmother, they chose to use a non-binary gender. Have a look at the trailer and let’s discuss it further.

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A much-needed narrative break

Ever since you can remember, you would have heard stories about women waiting for their prince charming who would save them. Be it Snow White running from evil stepmother or Rapunzel captured by a witch, they all needed a man to come to their rescue.

Teaching our kids such stories even at this age means preparing yet another generation of men believing that women are dependent on them. With this deduction emerges the toxic narrative that women are men’s possession. Such a lifestyle would not let women excel in other things and men would continue dominating every possible space.

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If we aim to make a better tomorrow, it is time to change the narrative of the fairytales now. By doing this today, we can ensure thag we will have a better and more progressive future generation.

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