The Undertaker, a wrestler every 90’s child rooted for when the arena turned gloomy dark blue and the sound of rings filled the air. The Deadman, the Legend has retired from the world of wrestling after 27-long and dedicated years.

The Phenom is one of the very few superstars who made his name and fame in a very short time, and WrestleMania 33 with him leaving the crowd tear-eyed.


Fans witnessed the legend make his way to the ring after his brutal match with Roman Reigns. The Undertaker took off his gloves and placed them in the ring, followed by his ring gear, and finally his hat to show that he has now retired for good.

To remember the man who made us laugh, cry, and who nearly had our hearts in our throats, Brandsynario has compiled a list of 7 moments in The Undertaker’s historic wrestling career which has made us admire him. This one is for the Taker who was a memorable part of our childhood.

1. Brothers Battle in the Inferno


The Undertaker and his half-brother Kane grew up in a funeral home before The Deadman burned the building to the ground, resulting in the death of his parents and, presumably, Kane. But The Big Red Monster made shocking return years later at Badd Blood 1997 when he brutally attacked his brother, igniting a fiery rivalry that still burns to this day. None of their encounters was as dangerous as 1997’s Inferno Match.

2. Diesel gets Taken Under, Literally!


Snake knew how to psychologically toy with his rivals and he was able to pass these dark gifts onto The Deadman. Diesel had screwed Undertaker out of the WWE Championship during The Deadman’s Royal Rumble bout with Bret “Hitman” Hart. Seeking revenge, the morbid Superstar struck when his rival least expected it at Your House 6 in February of 1996.

3. Buried Alive …


First waged at In Your House 11 in October of 1996, the bout pitted The Deadman against his longtime rival Mankind in a brawl that could only be won by burying your opponent under six feet of dirt.The Deadman refused to stay buried. Within moments of the dirt being tramped down, a bolt of lighting cracked across Indianapolis’ Market Square Arena and Taker’s hand burst through the ground. From that night forth, the message was clear — ain’t no grave that can hold this body down.

4. Undertaker vs. Undertaker


Phony Phenom was a dead ringer for the macabre Superstar, but his fraudulence was ultimately revealed at SummerSlam in 1994 when the original Undertaker returned to face his impostor. The real Phenom wore purple gloves, the fake wore gray — but their confusion was settled when The Last Outlaw hit his double with a leaping Tombstone and stuffed him in a casket. The “Under-faker” was then carted away by druids, never to be seen again.

5. The Streak


WrestleMania VII, The Undertaker earned victory No. 1 in what would become the most amazing streak in all of sports-entertainment. In the years that followed, The Deadman claimed 21 other souls on The Grandest Stage of Them All, but as always, a special honor goes to the first.

6. Phenom Sacrifices Rattlesnake


The Deadman began lashing victims to a satanic symbol in an effort to convert them to his sinister sect. First sacrificing helpless women like Ryan Shamrock, The Phenom eventually set his sights on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, subjecting the WWE Hall of Famer to a mock crucifixion on Raw in 1998.

7. Hell in a Cell- The Undertaker vs Mankind

The Deadman ruthlessly tossed his demented rival from the top of the perilous cage, plunging The Hardcore Legend 20-feet to the concrete below and nearly breaking him in half. It was, without a doubt, the most jaw dropping moment in WWE history and a true testament to the pure hell The Deadman is capable of unleashing.

Thank You Taker!

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