Umair Jaswal’s latest workout video has set the internet on fire. While the video is nothing more than his daily routine from the gym, the fan’s reaction to it is hilarious nonetheless.

While fans are pouring their support and love for the singer, they are also urging the star to move on and let go of his past since he deserves better. While Jaswal still hasn’t broken silence on social media over his infamous divorce with actress Sana Javed, he sure is letting his fans know that he is doing alright by sharing snippets from his daily routine.

In a similar instance, Jaswal shared a video of his leg routine from his recent gym session. Needless to say, fans couldn’t handle the heat and shut down the comments section with their hilarious take on the situation.

Take a look at his post before we head to the comments.

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While some fans asked the reason behind these intense gym sessions, others brought Shoaib Malik to the mix. Meanwhile, some fans think that he is trying to bring out his aggression by engaging in gym activities and we kind of understand it too.

Take a look at some of the comments from his Instagram post below.

Image source: Instagram

What are your views on Jaswal not commenting about his divorce and continuing with his daily life on social media? Let us know if you want to see his stance in the comments below.

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