Shoaib Malik’s recent statement in a podcast interview has shaken social media yet again as the cricketer urges fans to follow their hearts. In an appearance on the Hina Altaf’s podcast, Malik said that a person must only think about what their heart desires.

His statement has raised quite a few eyebrows as netizens question the credibility of the star’s statement, especially after his acclaimed divorce and third marriage which surfaced a few weeks ago.

Take a look at Shoaib Malik’s statement from the show below.

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‘You should do whatever your heart desires.’ He said.

Adding, ‘one should never think about people and what they would think of you. I swear no one should think about this. Even if it takes you to learn that what will people think? Do your thing even if it takes you 10 – 20 years. Even after 20 years if you think you should do it then you should definitely do it.’

‘Even if you don’t do it, they will most certainly think about it. People can think a hundred things about you that you might not even be considering.’ He added.

Malik’s statement has led netizens to question his values while asking him to stop spreading the wrong concept about self-love. Meanwhile, many fans are furious over his heartless desires which led him to leave his family.

What are your thoughts about Malik’s statement? Does it directly reflect his life choices? Let us know your views in the comments below.

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