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The capital has become notorious for blood-chilling cases of harassment as of late. After Noor Mukaddam’s case that happened in the heart of the city, these “small” cases of harassment should also be paid attention to. Now a woman has been made uncomfortable and scared whilst driving and no one should have to go through that. Here’s what happened:

The incident

A woman was driving and minding her business in Islamabad when two guys on a motorbike started chasing her. They then repeatedly tried to get close to her and upon establishing proximity, showed her the middle finger. It appears the woman was with other people in the car too and hence, managed to make a video. 

The two boys look menacing and are dangerously speeding to get close the said car. They keep showing the middle finger as if they recently learnt about it and think this is something that impresses girls.

Driving Alone

Driving alone is a burden for many and it’s also the most enjoyable thing for many. However, in our country, it is a privilege for women. Driving alone means that one has to be more alert than normal to constantly check whether someone is following you. To constantly note whether a motorbike is starting to come too close to you.

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There have been many incidents with close family and friends where something as meagre as a traffic light has saved their life. For women especially, such incidents make them afraid to be on the roads on their own.

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What Are People Saying?

Of course, people are enraged. Some because they have experienced something similar themself while others are angry because this is horrifying to say the least. Have a look at what they said:

Is There Hope?

While the video is going viral and the police can look into it because of its virality, it is unlikely that they will be caught. Yes, their faces are in the camera but it’ll take long before they’re actually caught, and even then, will barely be punished. Here’s to hoping women are safe as they commute.

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