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Witty conversation amongst brands is fun every time. And when they do it regarding one particular trending issue, it almost always attracts eyeballs. Is it possible that brands wouldn’t have done it during the Facebook outage yesterday?

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Twitter started it

Starting a conversation that was an attack, both direct and subtle on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, Twitter tweeted from their official handle, “hello literally everyone”.

It made sense because not getting access to these three apps, almost everyone had made their way to Twitter.

As if waiting for someone to lend an ear, Instagram had to vent. Commenting on the tweet, they called they blamed the outage on Monday blues. To which Burger King was nice enough to pat on Instagram’s shoulder.

Twitter & McDonald’s on Facebook Outage

Conversation between Twitter and McDonald’s was a whole different ballgame. To Twitter’s hello, McDonald’s brought their “hi what can i get u” to the table. Without wasting time, Twitter asked for nuggets for their 59.6 million followers. After the witty conversation, it is not unexpected that the number of followers rose by 0.5 million.

Not offended or taken aback, McDonald’s asked: for here or to go.

Of course, Twitter just had to take away all the fun by giving the DM option.

Othe brands on the bandwagon 

More brands get in line after Twitter’s tweet. Given Alexa’s only an AI, five points for trying humor.

A disgruntled Pepsi was not happy clearly. According to the beverage brand, it was like putting salt on wounds because there was literally nowhere else to be.

You know how you use Microsoft Teams for meetings, right? Unmuting only when addressed because who knows what the other members would hear.

It may be 2 am in Pakistan but abroad, it surely was coffee time. Starbucks nailed it by catching just the right moment.

If you do not ask about screen sharing, is that even Zoom?

With this statement, Zoom aptly entered the conversation, even though it was comparatively late to do so.

The witty conversation was a good time pass for sure during the Facebook outage otherwise who knows how boring the time would have been.

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While these brands were having the conversation, Mark Zuckerberg lost his position as the 5th richest person in the world and Facebook’s stock plummeted by 4.9%

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