A recent incident that sparked a heated debate has Twitter divided as the public shares their varying views and comments on social media.

NUST Professor & Black Hole

A professor from NUST, Dr. Ashraf Iqbal, a renowned mathematician was invited for a guest lecture at Black Hole which is a teaching facility based in Islamabad. The professor who delivered a lecture spanning over two hours was called out by a student in attendance at the end. During a Q&A session, the students were asked to share their reviews about the workshop and whether they would benefit from a long-term program. In response to the lecture, the student shared his views about the speaker being rude and belittling to the audience.

Take a look at the student’s review below

The professor who used words like ‘Rubbish’ and ‘Bullshit’ in the presence of kids and adults showed crude manners and shared discouraging remarks throughout the lecture. While the majority might have been able to shrug off the nonsense criticism. One student shared what it feels like to attend lectures from such big names in hopes of learning something from them.

Here are some of the responses from the public regarding the student’s reaction to the lecture.

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What Is Black Hole & Why Did They Host A Lecture?

The black hole was created by Pervez Amirali Hoodbhoy – a facility located in Islamabad where educational lectures and workshops are hosted often. Perves Amirali is a Pakistani nuclear physicist and activist who serves as a professor at Forman Christian College and previously taught physics at Quaid-e-Azam University. Meanwhile, he is also a prominent activist in particular concerned with the promotion of freedom of speech, secularism, scientific temper, and education in Pakistan.

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