butt karahi
Image Source: HMS Foodz

While the internet has largely contributed towards a fast-paced relaying of news, players need to have a grasp on basic ethics. It turns out that in current times, those ethics are taking a backseat as people strive to get huge numbers. Take the recent drama of Butt Karahi in Lahore, for instance.

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Butt Karahi sealed

Butt Karahi closed off. This is news that people might skim over but if it has triggering information, people will be forced to click. From here, a fake rumor started but then renowned digital publications started covering it without exploring the reality of the situation.

Let’s uncover what really happened.

A few Twitter users took to the platform that the restaurant was allegedly serving dead animals. There were, in fact, some video clips on the internet as well. In these videos, you can see someone with dead chickens but there is no evidence that the person holding the dead animal is from the restaurant.

Fake news begins

Click hungry portals caught on to the videos. Moreover, they also saw that Butt Karahi was sealed. Thus, they concluded that the two events were related. By making clickbait titles and captions. Now, why would a few digital publications stay behind in the race? Using these unauthenticated tweets and portals as sources, they too covered the news. The words they used clearly said that Butt Karahi was sealed because of the dead chickens.

Clarifying the fake rumor 

Seeing how the fake news had gone viral, the authorities were bound to get wind of it. To clarify the rumour, no one else but Deputy Commissioner Lahore retweeted it with a comment. He said in the tweet that:

AC city sealed it due to Covid SOP violation, not because of serving dead animal.”

Of course, not following the COVID SOPs is awful and it could lead to the spread of the pandemic, but the dead animals’ accusation is eviler. Or is it? This is a debate for the ethics department or the scientific research department who would be better able to decipher which is worse. But in the eyes of the common man/woman/any other gender, the idea of eating dead animals is somehow worse.

On a fun note though, just imagine, if it really were dead animals, Lahore sure gets its food experimented with. First, it was donkey meat, and now, it is dead meat.

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