Travel 2020: 5 Affordable Hotels In Cappadoccia You Should Consider

affordable hotels in Cappadoccia
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While traveling to Turkey, which most Pakistanis are doing now that their work and education are all online, tourists makes it a point to visit Cappadoccia. It is known for its beauty, history, and, most notably, its underground city. So if you are planning to go to Turkey and intend to visit much more than just Istanbul, here are a few affordable hotels in Cappadoccia you can choose from.

What can be better than having a fantastic trip on a budget, I mean?

1. Cappadocia Caves Hotel

Did you ever think that you could pay 5,000 Pakistani rupees per night in Turkey? I remember going to Murree and living in significantly below average rooms at this amount. Here is the hotel in Cappadoccia, which charges you PKR 35,000 for seven nights and too in lavish rooms. Usually, they charge PKR 74,000, but currently, there is a deal on that has made the price almost half. The reviews are excellent as well.

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2. Grand Cappadocia Hotel

The hotel has a 9.2 rating out of 10. And the customers are delighted with the staff. The breakfast is delicious, and the location puts most tourist locations in easy reach. The interior, as you can see, is captivating as well. And you can get this all at PKR 45,000, which is not a deal, but their actual price. So you can get the same rate for seven days, even if you play around with the dates.

Affordable Hotels In Cappadoccia
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3. Cappadocia Cave Land Hotel

Cave Land Hotel has one problem and only one, but seeing the location, I would not mind. From the city center, it is located at a steep height. You have to climb for almost 150 meters. But it’s very near to Goreme Open Air Museum, so that is a plus. And all that at an amount less than PKR 50,000.

Affordable Hotels In Cappadoccia
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4. Mosaic Cave Hotel

PKR 35,000 for a hotel if you are traveling solo. The rooms are simple but

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5. Royal Stone Houses – Goreme


Affordable Hotels In Cappadoccia
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These affordable hotels in Cappadoccia are excellent finds for November, especially since some of them have deals going on. So we suggest that you look up these hotels on and TripAdvisor, and you might secure a good deal.

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