Toyota has introduced 2 new models to the world of cars! These hybrid models were announced on Friday last week at the Tokyo Motor Show; the Toyota GR HV Sports concept and Toyota Tj Cruiser crossover concept.

For Toyota, Hybrid technology is something the company feels very proud of, thus the GR HV and Tj Cruiser were brought forth! Given that Prius is one of the bestselling models which provides comfort along with luxury, expectations from the hybrid cars are high.

Toyota GR HV Sports Hybrid

GR HV is the sports concept and at first glance, car fanatics can tell that the model is heavily inspired by Toyota 86 sports coupe along with Toyota Targa and Supra. However, what the Toyota GR HV offers under the hood is more interesting!

Toyota GR HV

GR HV Sports concept comes equipped with the same drivetrain that is present in Toyota’s Le Mans and WEC racing TS050 race car.

Toyota Tj Cruiser

On the other hand, the other Hybrid vehicle is the Toyota Tj Cruiser which is a crossover concept. The Cruiser has a different approach which we normally do not see so much coming from Toyota. Unlike the GR HV Sports concept, Tj Cruiser crossover concept comes only with a 2.0L hybrid drivetrain.

Well, time will tell how these new concepts will do in the market!

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