Top 10 Entertainment TV Channels

Over the years, Pakistan has witnessed an alarming rise in the number of entertainment channels in order to cater to the needs of the audience.

From PTV to STN (NTM), Indus Vision to ARY Digital and GEO; the nation’s entertainment channels have come a long way. So much so, the content churned out by these esteemed powerhouses is now lauded worldwide.

The dramas, serials, morning shows and programs aired by these channels have successfully put Indian dramas out of business. In fact, Pakistan’s television content was even broadcast on channels across the border, making our celebrities huge in Bollywood.

Consequently, these entertainment channels are forever involved in a cut-throat competition to emerge as the best!

Following is the breakup of the top 10 Entertainment Channels of Pakistan in September 2018 by Airtime Minutes.

Top 10 Entertainment TV Channels In Pakistan September 2018

Channel Prime Time Non-Prime Time Grand Total
PLAY ENTERTAINMENT                  2,112                             6,888                           9,001
AAJ ENTERTAINMENT                  2,520                             5,686                           8,206
H NOW                  2,242                             5,918                           8,160
GEO ENTERTAINMENT                  1,469                             5,553                           7,021
EXPRESS ENT                  1,628                             5,248                           6,876
TV ONE                  1,633                             5,234                           6,866
URDU 1                  1,432                             5,346                           6,778
A PLUS                  1,277                             4,852                           6,129
HUM TV                  1,557                             4,382                           5,939
HUM SITARAY                  1,279                             4,422                           5,700
Grand Total                17,148                           53,529                         70,677


Source: Media Monitors

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