Tips To Maintain Your Car's AC In The Summer
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Summer is the season when the car’s AC becomes the most utilized to give the people inside the vehicle a break from the harsh and hot weather outside. Furthermore, if your car ends up parked under the sun for too long, this further heats up the vehicle’s interior, making it unbearable to sit inside it. But if the AC stops working in this condition, it becomes frustrating to even sit in the car for a few minutes let alone drive it and travel a long way.

To avoid this inconvenience, it’s recommended to maintain the car’s AC during this season. So that you and your passengers have a comfortable ride in the vehicle. In this article, we’ve given a few tips on how you can maintain your car’s air-conditioning during this season.

1. Change Air Filter

Your car’s air filter protects your vehicle by drawing all the dust particles, pollen, debris, etc. to itself, keeping the cabin clean. If you fail to clean the filter, this filter gets clogged and dirty and traps moisture in its layers. This moisture becomes a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. And the longer it remains, the more dirt and bacteria spread in the filter causing the AC to malfunction as well. Hence making the cabin’s environment dangerous.

Hence, it’s good to replace this air filter on a regular basis to avoid air-borne bacteria and diseases and to maintain the car’s cooling.

Tips to Maintain Your Car's AC in the Summer - Toyota Creek
Source: Toyota Creek Motors

2. Run the AC on Defrost Mode Once a Week

It’s recommended that you run your vehicle’s AC on defrost mode on a weekly basis for at least 10 minutes. This will ensure that the car’s gas pressure is maintained, your compressor runs well, and cleans out moisture while also preventing mildew formation. This step isn’t just necessary during summers but also in winters to remove humidity and defog your windshield.

3. Don’t Pre-Cool the Car

The car’s AC works best when you’re driving, this is why you shouldn’t pre-cool your car. Instead, the moment you get in the car, you should open the windows halfway down and put the vehicle’s fan on high with the diet set to fresh air. This will push all the hot air from the inside and cool the vehicle’s interior.

Once you do this, close the windows after a few minutes of it, and let the air system regulate the vehicle’s inner temperature. Then, reduce the fan speed and change the dial from fresh to recirculating air. This ensures that the cooler air from inside the vehicle is being processed.

Not only will this regulate your car’s temperature, but you’ll also find that, through this, the AC’s compressor won’t need to be operated as regularly either. This will also result in better fuel economy.

4. Set AC to the Coolest Setting

The car’s AC becomes the most efficient when set to the lowest temperature. Along with this, you’ll also need to adjust the fan’s settings to be more comfortable for you and your passengers. It’s recommended for the system to be set at 3-4 C since a higher temperature can re-heat the air, and also ends up consuming more fuel.

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Source: Double Dee Autos

5. Keep Your Car Clean

Even if you take all the right steps, your AC may still malfunction. This could be due to the environment of your car not being clean enough. If your car isn’t clean, the dirt and bacteria inside it can settle in the air conditioning vent and cause the cooling systems to malfunction. This is why you need to keep your vehicle clean to make sure every system works properly.

6. Check Refrigerant Levels

The air inside the AC vents in your car is cooled through refrigerant. It’s necessary to keep a check on refrigerant levels in the vehicle to keep your AC working well and maintain the cooling system

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