tiktok new feature
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TikTok appears to be on a roll. The app keeps getting better and better and this latest feature is something you may have been manifesting. This feature might make the app more famous also because it takes away the only thing that annoys people. Are you intrigued yet? Keep reading:

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What Is This Feature?

TikTok is apparently testing a brand new Watch History feature. This feature will allow you to save yourself from the mental frustration of not finding the video you wanted to show your friends. Alternatively, it can also be the video whose audio you forgot to save. So far, it seems like TikTok may finally be on the verge of giving us a straightforward way to finally see all the videos we go through in a day.

tiktok new feature
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Caution: this feature might make you depressed over how much time you spend on the app. 

How Did It Come About?

The Social Media Consultant of the app, Matt Navarra, recently retweeted findings from Twitter. This was basically an indirect announcement because this Twitter user frequently unveils upcoming features on various social platforms. This user is the one who revealed that the “Watch History” option for Tiktok will appear under the “Content and Activity” heading of the app’s settings.

What Else Is Known?

So far there are not a lot of details about what the Watch History page will look like. We don’t even know how it will compile all of our previously watched videos. Many sites have reached out to the app for an official comment but have come up empty-handed.

tiktok new feature
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The lack of a watch history button and while there may be a lot of hacks out there, nothing can be as convenient as that. One hack people have come up with is that you can filter your search results by videos you’ve seen. While this may be all well and good, we can not deny that it takes too much time. When we spend this much time looking for old videos, don’t we miss out on new ones?

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