This Weird Pasta Dosa Is Definitely Going To Make You Cringe
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What happens when you try to come up with a fusion of Italian and desi? Definitely something weird. But can it get any weirder than the thing we are about to show you? We hope not! Today we are presenting you Pasta Dosa.

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Dosa Pasta; A Fusion 

Dosa originated in India and is made of a crispy crepe filled with vegetables and served with condiments. On the other hand, pasta is cheesy creamy and definitely not something you would try to pair up with any other dish. However, this street food snack cart combines both classics in a single serving, and this could be the best of both worlds or the entire opposite, and we can’t tell otherwise.

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The dosa in this recipe is coated with a thick layer of sauces and vegetables. However, there is more to it. The sauce layer is then topped with pasta and heavy cream and mixed with the sauces’ base. However, to add the final touch, lots of shredded cheese is added on the top and rolled up to serve.

The vendor didn’t shy away from loading it with cheese, which could be the perfect treat for all the cheese lovers. Meanwhile, the netizens weren’t amused as they kept mentioning the recipe as absurd. Some couldn’t even begin to understand if this is pasta, dosa, or a pizza.

Take A Look At What They Had To Say 

Nevertheless, some were amazed over the culinary and innovative skills of the vendor and mentioned the dosa as a product of innovation. At the same time, the majority didn’t even want to try it, although they like both the dosa and pasta separately.

Exactly our thoughts!

Whether you call it a dosa, a desi pizza, or a pasta dosa, the biggest question is, are you brave enough to try this?

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