Sadaf Kanwal is one of the most popular and top models of Pakistan. She celebrated her 24th birthday in August along with her close friends from the industry.

The inside photos of her birthday bash went viral all over the internet!

Now, a controversial video from the birthday is circulating on the internet in which Sadaf can be seen kissing her friend and model, Fauzia Aman.

Check out the video below:

The video is receiving quite a backlash on the internet. People have not taken sadaf’s gesture lightly, though she might haven’t done it in a wrong way but people are offended.

Here’s how people are reacting on the video

People were quick to judge them

Not only on Facebook, the pictures have been circulating on Instagram too

Here’s how the followers on Instagram are reacting to the controversial photos

While there were some users who supported the models by saying that it’s just a way of showing affection, Sadaf’s gesture was hugely discouraged by social media users.

This is not the first time Sadaf’s been targetted by the internet this year. Just recently her bold photoshoot sparked outrage on social media.

Pic Courtesy: All Pakistan Drama Page

Here’s one in Rizwan-ul-Haq’s signature style i.e. black and white.

Picture Courtesy: All Pakistan Drama Page

Sadaf’s penetrable clothes and all wet avatar have annoyed her fans and followers on the internet.

The social media doesn’t spare anyone. From Mahira Khan to Saba Qamar, all the top notch actresses and models have been targeted by the internet for some reason or the other. Maybe this is one of the cons of being a celebrity that your personal life doesn’t remain personal at all and people think that it is their right to comment on everything that these celebs are doing.

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