This Pakistani Girl Has A Question For 'Outfitters' & It's Pretty Valid

Outfitters’ recent collections have people worried. With its rebranding over the years, outfitters have started to cater to more and more Western styles and cuts. The majority of them are cropped, see-through, and not very appropriate for anyone who wants to dress modestly.

The issue was raised by a user on social media where she shared her thoughts on outfitters’ recent collections. According to her almost all shirts in the recent range are crop tops and they no longer offer shirts who want to wear modest clothing.

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The tweet was met with a decent response where multiple girls also shared how they are always disappointed in these brands where they can never find anything appropriate for a decent price.

The Twitter response also noted a major problem which includes cuts and holes in the most random spots making these shirts extremely unpractical.

Meanwhile, one user shared that they no longer shop in the women’s section. Instead they buy shirts from men’s sections because that is the only thing that can cover up properly.

Is this the downfall of the brand? Said one user since the outfitters’ collection doesn’t offer outfits for all age groups. Most of the styles are for gen-z and they are trendy which means once the fashion is gone the style is useless.

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