Kiran Ashfaque and the ex-wife of Imran Ashraf recently shared pictures from her beach escapade on social media and the netizens are furious.

Kiran At The Beach

While Kiran might be having the time of her life away from the daily stressors, her beach outfit has garnered all the attention of the netizens. Kiran shared portraits while wearing a white strappy midi dress and the netizens are not happy. Kiran who recently parted with her ex-husband Imran Ashraf is taking her sweet time to get back to herself. As quoted in her previous Instagram story ‘she would never live for the sake of another man ever.’

Take a look at her beach photos posted on her Instagram account.

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Image source: Instagram
Image source: Instagram
Image source: Instagram

From calling her shameless to telling her to ask for forgiveness, trolls have no boundaries. Meanwhile, the majority thinks that she deserved a divorce and it was her shameless attitude that led to it.

While it is the women’s right to live their lives on their terms, it is surprising to see that even though the narrative is openly appreciated, people still don’t have the basic courtesy to let people enjoy let alone live their lives on their terms.

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