It seems like the world is near its end since the bizarre food items don’t seem to stop. In today’s episode, we share with you a Gulab Jamun burger which looks nothing less than a sin to devour. Whenever we start to believe that every odd meal pairing imaginable has been tried, someone on the internet always comes up with a fresh idea and today’s idea is nothing less than exemplary.

Gulab Jamun Burger – A Treat Or A Nightmare?

It seems like dessert lovers aren’t willing to back down without trying every possible savory item with their favorite dessert. In a recent event, a vendor is seen selling gulab jamun packed in a burger bun and we are not amused. The video which was shared on Twitter garnered a million likes and views where people shared their opinions on the lack of innovation when it comes to new recipes.

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While the idea of a hot Gulab Jamun served on an ordinary day is very tempting, not the same can be said about it being served in a burger bun. A freshly baked Gulab Jamun that has been dipped in sugar syrup is then placed between two hamburger buns.

Not only that but before pressing the buns together, he divides the Gulab Jamun in half and drizzles some of the sugar syrup over the sparkling treat. Before being divided into equal parts, the burger receives one more touch on the pan.

Whether we like it or not, Gulab Jamun’s supremacy is undisputed. No matter how much we would want to pair it perfectly with something else nothing can come close to it. Would you like to try this burger? Let us know in the comments below.

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