A powerful AI systems Craiyon, has taken the world by storm for being able to create images with words. The digital marketing platform names ‘Weird Dell-E mini generators’ shared the AI images on their social media platforms. The AI image generator tool displayed the Demogorgon from Netflix’s “Stranger Things” holding a basketball.

Craiyon – AI Image Generator 

The pictures which range from ridiculous to disturbing used Craiyon – a freely available artificial intelligence system. To use it, you just type what you’d like it to envision — “A rainbow lion eating a slice of pizza”, and it will spit out pictures in response.

The idea behind the technology belongs to Matt Laming, a 19-year-old from the United Kingdom, has gained a million followers on Twitter ever since the release of the images.

“I think that’s the main draw of it: You can make anything a reality,” Laming said in an interview with CNN Business.

Boris Dayma is an Austin-based machine-learning engineer, who was the leading engineer for Craiyon. “Craiyon is popularizing a growing trend in AI. Computers are getting better and better at ingesting words and producing increasingly realistic-looking images in response. Lately, people are typing in about 5 million prompts per day.” Dayma said in a statement.

Image source: newsmediaempire.com

“I think it’s important to be able to have an alternative where everybody has the same access to this type of technology.” 

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Other AI Image Generators 

There are similar, much more powerful AI systems than Craiyon on the market. Including OpenAI’s DALL-E (Craiyon was initially named DALL-E Mini as an homage) and DALL-E 2, as well as Google’s Imagen.

However, unlike Craiyon, which anyone can try, most of these are not available to the public. DALL-E 2 is open to users via invitation only, while Imagen has not been opened up to users outside Google.

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Meanwhile, the images generated by Craiyon are not nearly as realistic-looking as what DALL-E 2 or Imagen can offer. Yet they’re fascinating. People tend to blur into objects, and images look fuzzy and at least slightly askew.

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