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It’s the summer holidays which means routines are all out of order. Be it due to children wanting to stay up all night or because you’re on vacation. However, the tough part is when the bad habits from a not-so-healthy routine stick around for instance, eating late at night. Here’s why eating late is not good for you and why you should have dinner early.

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You Can Sleep Better

When you eat dinner early, you allow your body to digest the food before you sleep. If your digestive system is still being forced to overwork while you sleep, you won’t be able to sleep soundly. This practice also reduces oversleeping.

early dinner
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Weight Loss

This practice also triggers faster metabolism and triggers weight loss. When you eat earlier then you can do intermittent fasting that way. This window between eating fulfills its energy demands from the stored body fat instead of the glucose in the fed state.

You Feel Energetic In The Day

You also feel energetic during the day when you eat earlier. When your digestive system isn’t working overtime when you’re sleeping you can also prevent sleeping till later. You can be able to wake up in time and also feel fresher once you do wake up.

early dinner
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Relief From Constipation

Eating dinner early also helps with constipation. This healthy practice will improve your chances for a better dump also the same day or the next day. A well-rested digestive system also leads to a healthier and well-performing excretory system. This practice would also help people fighting with flatulence. Again, it helps with constipation.

A Good Appetite

If you eat dinner early, you also will not risk not having dinner. As a result, your entire appetite becomes more balanced. You must be familiar with the age-old proverb: have breakfast like a king, have lunch like a commoner and dine like a pauper. You should dine early but also dine light.

early dinner
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Cancer Risk Is Reduced

People who have dinner late have 15% more chance of prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women. This also means that you can reduce cancer risk by 15% by eating your dinner early.

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