There Is A Haunted Castle Where Ghosts Pull Hair And Shout 'Get Out'
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Seeking out haunted locations and spooky spirits is a favourite pastime for many people nowadays, and this castle could top any ghost hunter’s wish list.

UK’s Haunted Castle 

Chillingham Castle in Northumberland has a storied history regarding paranormal activity; it’s even been dubbed the most haunted castle in the UK.

The castle has been the location of regular ghost sightings. It also has a brutal backstory dating back to the 13th century. Meanwhile, the ghost tour around the castle explains, the building has been home to some blood-curdling tales, including murder and torture.

One room of note featured in the clip is The Edward Room. It is speculated that King Henry III stayed there. One guest’s ghost meter rapidly lit up in certain areas of this room, alluding to the presence of some paranormal spirits.

A video of an ancient British ‘castle’ going viral on social media shows that ghosts rule here. The video shows a tour of the interior of the fort, and at the same time, the ghost meter lights up brightly, indicating the presence of some unusual spirits there.

Supernatural Experience In The Castle 

Supernatural experiences are rather common at the location. Many guests reported pushing, hair pulling, voices being heard and even sightings of numerous ghostly figures. According to media reports, guests have had their hair pulled, horrible noises have been heard, and several ghosts have been seen.

Staff in the castle are also said to have heard a loud voice telling them to “get out”.

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Viewers were quick to share their stories of the castle, with one user commenting: “I stayed there and it scared the hell out of me, we loved it though.”

Another commenter wrote: “As we were leaving the chapel, someone put their hand on my shoulder… I was the last one in the group… other things happened while we were there.”

A third added: “Went on a ghost hunt there years ago really spooky place, we even explored the graveyard just at the start of the castle driveway.”

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