samsung smart monitor
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Samsung’s latest announcement will have you excited because a new product is in store and this product will knock your socks off. The mega tech company announced their Smart Monitor series and it has got specs that are truly innovative. Read about that here:

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What Is The Latest?

Samsung announced their Smart Monitor series called the M8 which features an upgraded, stylish design. The latest M8 brings Samsung’s iconic slim design in four new colors that are truly covetable. The warm white, sunset pink, daylight blue and spring green are one-of-a-kind shades. The M8 will also be available in 32-inches with UHD resolution and a SlimFit Cam.

samsung smart monitor
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What Are The Smart Monitors?

The Smart Monitors have launched roughly 2 years ago. The famous Samsung’s Smart Monitor series is basically a family of the world’s first get-everything-done screens that were designed for modern-day users. The modern technologically advanced user requires functionality and entertainment at home. The M8 allows users to enjoy a variety of services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Apple TV without connecting to a TV. Moreover, these new Smart Monitors also offer space and work efficiency in a sleek style that is unique to Samsung. The thinness of the new model is 11.4mm, which is rare in monitors.

samsung smart monitor
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What Did Samsung Say?

Samsung added that it has aspired to build a product that has something for everyone. The colors are inspired by shades of nature to make people feel uplifted.

In addition to that, the M8 has also been built keeping in mind the challenges people faced during the work at home era.

samsung smart monitor
Image Source: Newsroom

The new era is about Monitors that compact all services. You need one thing that comes without a fussy load of wires or requires so many attachments to do the very things we have to do every day. Samsung Smart Monitors basically work with your Netflix n Chill days in addition to your hustler days. They promise the best specs and a look that will turn heads whilst being the most functional monitors you could potentially own.

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