Jalebi mountain dew combination of food
Image Source: indianexpress.com

There are many odd food combinations made every day. Whether you are a fan of mixing food items or not, they may cross your eyes. Some of them can be quite pleasant in taste and texture both. However, some can make on regret they even tasted it. Let us see the Mountain Dew Jalebi we have today!

Yes, you read that right. We bet you even gave a second thought we you read the title. How can this be considered as a food combination? It shows that one can combine almost any type of cuisines. Here, we can see a clear combination of a regional dish and an international brand!

Jalebi Are Delicious!

If we look at just Jalebi, there is quite a lot to commend on it. The texture of this local sweet dish is quite pleasant. It is quite sweet in its making and it is made in different shapes and sizes. One of the best parts about it is that it does not cost a lot and is accessible throughout the country. They look as pleasant as they taste and there are not many items like it on the menu. People often enjoy them with a glass of milk too!

Similarly, Mountain Dew is a brand that has established itself quite well. They are known for their high production advertisements and extreme stunts. There are Mountain Dew competitions where trained professionals drive cars over ravines! The drink itself is quite refreshing and is favoured widely in Pakistan.

A New Combination

What exactly is the internet going wild over? Well, it seems that someone has managed to mix these two food items. Yes, a Twitter post has gone viral which depicts this very combination. It shows the picture of green coloured Jalebi with the caption ‘Mountain Dew Jalebi’

The food combination itself has brought about a lot of opinions from people. A lot of the audience wishes to try the Jalebi and see whether it really is worth the hype. On the other hand, some people are quite repulsed by it and wish it to be destroyed. Yes, you can really see both sides of the coin on this viral news!

Food Is Life!

We hope that this food item actually tastes good and does not turn out to be a bad combination. As history would dictate, we have had quite a few of those already. Let us not forget the injustice that was done to biryani by adding Shawarma to it.

There are newer and newer combinations being tried every day. We remember informing you of a bizarre Ferrero Rocher-related combination a while back.

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