Ferrero Rocher ‘Manchurian’ Recipe Shocks The Internet

Ferrero Rocher Manchurian abomination
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Food is one of the most important parts of a human’s everyday life. When they ‘We Live To Eat,’ they mean every word of the sentence they say. Being a foodie is a profession that is noteworthy because it explores numerous cultures. Every country has a specific set of food items that it is recognized by. When we hear pasta, the country of Italy pops up in our head.

Similarly, items like ‘Biryani’ and ‘Karahi’ are most associated with southeast Asian countries like Pakistan and India. However, there are always certain people who come up with the most bizarre food combinations. Some food combinations are so much in synchronization with each other; they might also be found together in nature. Recently, a Twitter user posted another bizarre combination, and it shocked the internet!

The Two Ingredients

The Ferrero Rocher is one of the most premium types of chocolates ever made. It is even considered fancy chocolate, often used to signify one’s affection towards another or as a gift. This level of fanciness makes it a slightly more expensive chocolate room. In Pakistan, you get a small amount in a higher amount of money than you’d get ‘Kisses’ by Hershey’s.

Similarly, Manchurian is one of the most recognized Asian dishes of all time. Its combination with egg fried rice makes it one of the most delicious dishes to have ever been made. However, recently a Twitter user by the handle of @thatdoggonelady posted a picture with a mixture of the two above-mentioned items! Imagine that, who can even think of such an abomination?!

A Mixed Abomination

As seen in the tweet above, the image would have looked like quite a regular dish were it not for one of the chocolates cracked open. Now that gives the image an uneasy feeling and increases the ‘Gross’ factor of the dish. It is mixing up a sweet delight with a salty delight. There does not seem to be a logical reasoning behind the combination, save because the user wanted to annoy other people.

However, after many negative reactions and tweets, the user decided to post another picture. This second picture was one of an assortment of sweets on a plate. The user had posted this in an attempt to make up for the previous post. However, that did not stop Twitter from making hilarious tweets!

Ford Fusion

It is quite understandable that people wish to try new tastes. There is nothing wrong with trying out a combination. However, it might not be advisable to post about such an abomination on the internet. The Netizens with gobble that news up like chow!

It is always encouraged to try out new tastes. However, if you feel like it is not a worthy combination, it is better to keep that information with yourself. Imagine waking up to such news, or imagine seeing this news right before you’re about to have Manchurian!

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