Tere Bin actress, Sabeena Farooq, has taken to her Instagram stories to call out YouTubers. The actress who is going viral for playing the role of an antagonist in the superhit drama has been receiving threats from the audiences.

Sabeena Farooq Received Threats 

Drama ‘Tere Bin’ which has been soaring to great heights has received massive reviews from netizens. The serial has become a fan favorite thanks to the stellar cast. However, the supporting role played by Sabeena Farooq is not being appreciated by the audience as the actress is receiving severe backlash for her character on the internet. The incident caught the eyes of the internet after the actress took to her Instagram stories to call out the online trolls for not being able to differentiate between fiction and reality.

Here’s what she had to say,

“I have been all generous and nice about my character in Tere Bin, joining you all in roast and memes but there is a limit to everything. Now that you are putting FAKE ABSURD CONTENT on YouTube and giving me threats, it really is disturbing for me and my family. IT’S JUST A CHARACTER. Some illiterate people don’t know the difference between a character and an actor. I request them to not take out their frustration on me and that earning from fake YouTube videos their earning will rot. If I’m that bad, stop following me and skip my scenes in the drama. However, one more threat and I will publicly post them with your name and YouTube channels.”

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Image source: Instagram

Ever since her story went viral, fans have been lending support to the actress. Calling out the Youtubers netizens mentioned that these so-called social media stars have no life and her acting in the drama is commendable.

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