Ayez Mustafa, a kind-hearted young boy, was prepared to have a normal life where he would grow up, excel and achieve success in life.

However, fate had different plans for this animal lover, who lost his arm while trying to save a pigeon stuck in an electric fence.

Today he stands as an inspiration and a beacon of hope for many but his journey was not easy. He suffered a massive electric shock due to which his arm was amputated. This was not only a physical challenge but also an emotional setback as it crushed his aspirations and dreams.

He was faced with many hurdles where he could not do everyday daily tasks resulting in humiliation, low self-esteem, and isolation.

Today, however, he stands tall with pride, contentment and a prosthetic arm as he narrates his story to the Talks@PTCL audience. This positive change was possible due to one man; Anas Niaz, a mechatronics engineer, the founder and CTO of Bioniks. PTCL invited Anas to give a talk on what his organization does and how it helps people who have suffered an amputation.

Bioniks is a Karachi-based startup that develops advanced prosthetic limbs for amputees. Ayez was one of the beneficiaries that enlightened the audience with his inspirational story, where Bioniks played a key role in bringing a positive change in his approach to life.

Giving an emotional and thought-provoking talk at the event, Anas highlighted how there is a dire need for these prosthetics in our country as there are currently over 6 million people in Pakistan who suffer limb amputations. Most people are unable to get proper treatment due to a lack of basic infrastructure and medical facilities.

Bioniks has introduced an advanced version of prosthetics, which unlike the regular ones, are light in weight (only 500g) and do not require a harness. This also helps overcome the societal ordeal which they face in the form of disdain and discrimination.

Furthermore, the technology is controlled by brain waves, i.e. users only need to think of the task and the prosthetic limb moves automatically. Bioniks has been able to make it a cost-effective solution thus making it possible for all strata of society to benefit at a broader level.

Internationally, prosthetic limbs can cost up to USD 70,000 (More than 1 crore Pakistan rupees). Through local production, Bioniks has brought that cost down to PKR 70,000.

Bioniks stands as a source of inspirational, motivating and intriguing stories that have touched so many deserving people who can now afford to lead a life of normalcy. It’s also pertinent to mention that this successful start-up nurtured in National Incubation Center (NIC) Karachi, an initiative backed by Ignite, LMKT, and PTCL that provides support to startups.

This story shows how Talks@PTCL strives to fulfill its promise of bringing inspirational people and stories for its audience from different walks of life.