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The formation of the Taliban is no surprise. Almost everyone is aware of who created the group but now that they have spiraled out of control, no one knows what the group will do to the people who were part of their creation. In the most recent installment of Taliban diaries, we saw them taking over the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul. While the Taliban infiltrated the presidential palace, Ashraf Ghani was taking refuge in Tajikistan.

Taliban track record

It is still uncertain what take the Pakistani government will have on the Taliban taking over Kabul. But once again, Pakistan will witness an overflow of Afghani refugees.

A number of us, millennials, have lived through the time where our schools used to conduct bomb drills. Many experienced bomb threats, and sometimes, Taliban gunmen would also open fire in the vicinity of schools. Therefore, this must be bringing traumatic memories to mind. Hence, a huge chunk of the Pakistani population is scared for their life.

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But for now, Twitter and media are trending with images of Taliban fighters occupying the place.

Afghani population tries to seek refuge

Seeing the situation go out of control, numerous Afghani civilians are out to save their lives. Since last night, many videos have emerged which show afghanis trying to get on planes while there is firing in the distance. It is only in Hollywood that we see such scenes but now, courtesy of the digital world, we are able to witness it live, as people load up on the cargo levels in hopes to escape the country.

It is not unexpected that people are trying to flee with their families because when a forceful takeover happens, men exercise their power in the most horrific of ways. They kill the men of the place and then rape or forcefully marry women. Sadly, an even greater degree of violence has already started happening. Instead of fully grown women, some of the Taliban are exercising this power on girls as young as 12-years-old.

Our hearts ache for the women experiencing violence; our hearts ache for the civilians trying to get to safety; but most importantly, our hearts question their government who had enough time to evacuate their president to Tajikistan but did not sound alarm bells for their civilians or tried to get them to safety.

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