Pakistan and winning the hearts in T20
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The T20 world cup, this year, has been quite a ride. The Pakistan team started off by defeating India by a major margin. Then, they went on to gain victory over New Zealand. Never has there been a dull moment in Pakistan’s run in this T20. No matter which team they went up against, we were there to cheer them on and hold them high. Now, when the time came for the semi-final, the support stood as high as ever. Alas, we are going to be holding the trophy as the winners but that does not mean it is over. Some efforts contribute to preparation and Pakistan is going to come back stronger than ever!

We have to admit that this was the toughest and most exciting match of the entire world cup so far. There was not a moment in between where we could breathe and take a look around. Every ball thrown, every catch taken, it was all a part of the grand picture. Fans came in scores to see the team play and they are not hating the team for losing. In fact, Twitter has been full of support for every player on the team, with no discrimination.

T20 And Pakistan Team

The song ‘Hamein tum se Pyar hai’ rings quite true after today’s match. We may be feeling down and sad at the loss, but we do not hate the team for it. After all, how many teams can say that they were undisputed in this world cup? How many of them can say that they lost no matches before the semi-final. Whether anyone agrees or not, this is quite a big deal and a major achievement. The public has regained faith in the batting and bowling lineup of Pakistan.

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We only hope that the team themselves keep their spirits high. It is up to us to not ridicule them upon their return and keep cheering them on. After all, losses and wins are a part of the game. If we are there in their good times, we should be there during the tougher times. Our team really did give it their best shot and they came up pretty high. The prediction chart for our win went as high as 86%.

Coming Back

That said, we hope to see our team make a glorious return in the next T20 world cup. There is no doubt that they are going to go even further next time. We come home only to head back out to fight another day. Additionally, it does not do well to blame any single player for their actions. If you are going to highlight the 5 times they did not do well, also remember to mention the 100 times they have done well.

Check out Babar Azam’s pep talk in the dressing room after the match

We don’t want to create any hate for the players, they are trying their best and we have no idea what goes on through their minds. That said, our immense love and support is with the Pakistan cricket team and we hope to see them going to infinity and beyond.


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