By now, everybody knows the kind of grace and poise Syra holds. From her divorce to her ex-husband’s remarriage and her getting back together on screen to finish her film and later on, traveling and promoting their film together, Syra has become a force to reckon with. Meanwhile, a recent interview appearance of the former couple is making her fans love in love with her even more, and here’s why!

The actors were spotted together in a recent interview for their Babylicious movie. During the interview, many things were discussed. From what went on from the time the film was signed to the time they got divorced in the midst and had to reevaluate their decision to continue with the film.

In a series of questions asked by the host Shahroz’s response caught Syra’s attention and her reaction was hilarious, to say the least. When asked about how they decided to continue with the filming.

He mentioned that while the majority of people had disowned the movie, he decided to go ahead since this is what he learned from his family. Syra’s reaction to his answer was caught on camera and fans are loving her attitude.

Here’s a look at the video below.

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Syra’s Hilarious Response

Syra’s reaction to Shahroz’s response caught the netizen’s eyes for being downright honest and liberating. While many moved on to criticize Shahroz yet again fans were in awe of Syra for her honest expression and how she has been seen as coherent throughout the entire process of separation.

While these Twitter reactions were notable, we can’t wait to see your response in the comments below.

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