Image Source: Instagram/Aiman Khan

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt are probably one of the most talked about celebrity couples in the Pakistani showbiz industry. They’re always in the news for something or the other. The last time they went popular was when people spotted Aiman Khan’s baby bump after making rumors about her excessive weight gain. Now the couple specifically Aiman is under deep waters because of something she did in an interview. Here have a look and see if you can also feel what other people were feeling.

Could you guess what went wrong and what made people so mad at this interview? Well, Aiman Khan got seriously bashed in the comments because of her habit of cutting off her husband the whole time he wanted to speak on the thing they were talking about.

The couple were talking about how they bought a small little goat for the festival of Eid ul Adha and how it was the most adorable thing ever. Now, the viewers could also sense the excitement in Muneeb Butt’s voice and tone when he was telling how his kids named the goat “Sheru”. But unfortunately, he kept being put off by his wife. Fans immediately noticed that and started commenting on the post. Here are some of the comments.

People commented on how the couple was extremely cheap and insensitive about killing baby goats. Some even mentioned the Urdu mistake they made while speaking. But majorly, people called out Aiman for not letting her husband speak.

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