Diabetes Management

Accu-Chek Guide along with the mySugr app can be the best companions for diabetic patients to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Looking after health has been made wonderfully easy for diabetic patients by Roche Diabetes Care, a pioneer in the development of blood glucose monitoring systems, and a global leader for diabetes management systems and services.

Upholding its outstanding reputation, Roche Diabetes Care has launched another innovative and patient-friendly product–Accu-Chek Guide “Surprisingly Clever” blood glucose monitoring device– which is now easily available in Pakistan.

As the name suggests, the clever device makes testing convenient and effective for individuals. With the launch of Accu-Chek Guide, Roche is offering the users in Pakistan a convenient monitoring system with six integrated lancets at a time along with gravity-defying spill-resistant test strips as it has the widest application area among leading brands.

Pakistan’s former cricket captain Wasim Akram, who is also a diabetic patient, endorses the effectiveness and importance of the Accu-Chek Guide “Surprisingly Clever” blood glucose monitoring device and the patient-friendly mySugr App.

According to Wasim, it provides advanced accuracy with 10/10 results. With the No-Touch Strip Removal, the device is provided with the strip ejector that just takes a single click for fast, easy and hygienic removal.

“It’s an amazing product… I am very pleased that Roche has taken such a great initiative to introduce Accu-Chek Guide in Pakistan. It is a user-friendly device to check blood glucose levels,” said Wasim Akram.

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“With its unique features I can also use it in the dark. I had an amazing personal experience using Accu-Chek Guide”, he added.

Let’s make you more worry-free, by telling you that you no longer need dairies to maintain your data as, these readings can also be wirelessly accessed through the mySugr App thanks to the App’s  Bluetooth LE connectivity, Web and desktop access. Users can now quickly and easily transfer automated dates and the daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly diabetes data overview can be easily shared with the healthcare practitioner via WhatsApp or email.

The diabetic patients who are effectively using the Accu-Chek Guide Surprisingly Clever device are amazed by another one of its unique features – its capability to get sugar level tests even in a dark environment with a bright, backlit display and strip port light and an easy-to-read text display.

Furthermore, enhanced Diabetes Management is made possible with the key Diabetes Management features on-board meter. Now you can conveniently monitor 7 days, 14 days, and 30 even 90 days’ test averages.

This tech-savvy health feature app is currently being used in 79 countries, and is available in 24 languages, with a 4.6 app store rating. It continues to help millions of people fight diabetes and make data management easier with its unique features that can help them better understand their condition, manage diabetes, and maintain records.

Also, did you know? By pairing with Accu-Chek Guide, one can get the mySugr app for free!