As a trailblazer in the IT industry, Burhan Mirza has first-hand experience in starting businesses, stabilizing them, and then venturing into growth. “Success does not come overnight. The rise toward your vision is long and steep. You will be on a never-ending hike. It is best to strive for constant improvement, building the required momentum and perfecting the game. This will not only help you move forward but will convert your average into excellent,” shares Burhan Mirza.

Growing a business requires the right intellectual capacity, carefully selected strategic partnerships, and products and services with strong marketplace demand. Beyond these fundamentals, sustaining growth requires a solid operational foundation – to reduce the risks to the business over time.

Success does not come overnight. It takes consistent efforts, determination, and perseverance to succeed in life. New businesses, similarly, have more chances of collapsing if they start growing before becoming steady. If a foundation is weak, it will not be able to sustain the building for long. Hence, for any new structure, immense importance is given to the foundation for it to survive for generations.

“The youth of today is quite restless. They want instant results and instant success. Unfortunately, success doesn’t work that way. Every business has its good and bad days. During the good times, one must not forget to prepare for the worst. Hence, it is important to work on your company’s stability so even if a rough patch arises, you will be able to handle the setback,” says Burhan. “The same goes for bad days. If your business is going down, you must not lose hope and give up because we get to see the dawn after the darkest hours of the night. The thought to remember is nothing is constant; hence one should concentrate on making his company strong enough to bear any storm and then strive for growth.”

Addressing the attributes that hinder growth, Burhan said, “When you further fortify your strengths and convert your weaknesses into assets, you will see unparalleled growth. This doesn’t necessarily have to be vertical but can be lateral as well, making it equally important If your team is growing or your services are evolving, that, too, is a form of growth. And that is something new businesses should be endeavoring for.”

Sometimes it makes sense to stay small for a while. We should demonstrate how to maintain a smaller business size and create a healthy profit alongside. Revenue and expenses are simpler to forecast with a smaller business. There are fewer building projects, equipment upgrades, and new hires to budget for. That stability can make it easier to balance your bottom line, so you spend less time worrying about your financials.

Businesses are all about playing the long game. It is not a matter of weeks or months; you want to be sustainable in the long run. “Unsuccessful people usually have very limiting beliefs about their capabilities, skills, and future. With a constrictive mindset, they tend to make decisions in haste without thinking about the future. However, successful people realize that they might not know how to do a particular task but will push themselves to learn. They might not have the right tools, but they will ensure to learn how to build those tools. History is filled with such examples. People have risen from the ashes and reached glorious heights in their lives. By constantly evolving and learning, they focused on personal growth, which in return reflected in their company’s growth and prosperity,” enlightens Burhan Mirza.

The path to success may look daunting, but it is a road worth taking. By constantly working on your foundation and solidifying it, new businesses will inevitably grow in leaps and bounds, even beyond your imagination. Hence focus on your base, and no one can stop you from creating a sky-high empire of your own.