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In the turn of events, Karachi University’s Criminology department had a few uninvited intruders. Reportedly, some students broke into the department and took a Ph.D. thesis, attendance sheet, results of students, and project files with them.

Those are probably piles of books altogether!

We wonder why someone would break into the building during a pandemic when classes have been halted on the ground for months now!

Multimedia journalist, Azhar Khan reported on twitter:

Unidentified miscreants reportedly barged into the office of Department of Criminology at the University of #Karachi and made off with project files, thesis of PhD students, results of student as well as the attendance sheet.

While it is not mentioned in the tweet about which batch’s data got stolen, it is clear that the Ph.D. thesis must have belonged to a student who has completed his/her degree.

The purpose of stealing thesis project could be cheating

People are getting wrong ideas and planning to repeat the same crime

However, we are not surprised at all. The campus is known for such incidents; it is either a story about the presence of an entity in the chemistry lab or something happening in the ‘Prem Gali’ or the case at hand, students breaking into their department to steal data.

There is always something happening at the campus; it still makes you smile. However, this time around, the incident is a breach of the law, and the department authorities will have to take strict action against the crime.

This case seems like it is inspired by a famous tv show on Netflix called “How to get away with murder,” where a criminal professor gets involved with her law students in a twisted murder plot. The plot of the show unfolds in the most shocking series of events.

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Someone on Twitter responded to Azhar’s tweet, saying, “Now solve the case. Be Sherlock Holmes!!”

This incident might also remind people of Sherlock Holmes, another popular tv show on Netflix where the detective with extraordinary capabilities with his doctor friend solves cases, mostly of the criminal kind.

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