Students Enraged After UET Forces Them To Take On-Campus Exams

UET Lahore
Image Source: The Academia Magazine

University of Engineering and Technology  (UET) Lahore has made a decision which is sparking outrage. Students have faced a massive brunt of the virus, as many decisions made have affected them adversely. Please keep reading to find out what UET has decided to put its students through.

UET Wants On-Campus Examinations

UET has decided to disregard all measures of social distancing. Better yet, they have ignored the idea that coronavirus is still a pandemic, and it is still at large. The University has decided that it will take on-campus examinations from all its students. That will also be done without any SOPs in place.

UET campus
Image Source: Daily Times

Hold on; it gets better: students are made to sign a liability form for their health, which states that the University is not responsible for their health. Indirectly, this is an admission of the fact that students can very quickly catch the virus if they return to campus. Or, if they return to school to give exams in crowded halls. However, they don’t want their name to come forth if the student’s lives are lost.

The Outrage It Has Caused

Naturally, people are enraged and challenging this decision. As we must have established by now, there’s no better way to get your voice heard than by taking it on Twitter. Several prominent personalities are also raising their voice for the students. 

Among them is Ammar Ali Jan, who has always been a vocal activist for student rights. So much so, he was even fired from several universities for raising his voice on these issues.

See What The People Are Saying:

Students Carrying The Weight Of Coronavirus

Firstly, the universities went online amidst the pandemic. That in itself was another disadvantage and burdened the students faced. Not only does the standard of learning take a nosedive in online classes, but some of the instructors were also unaccommodating. As all students were studying from home, several issues that they faced were not paid heed to.

Secondly, there came to ICE’s decision that said all international students in the USA must go back home or risk deportation. Why? If their classes in the next semester are online also. This sparked its fair share of controversy.

Thirdly, there is the issue of universities or schools charging the full fees despite having more than half of their expenses cut short. There are internet connectivity issues, convocations/graduations experienced at home, and many other things. Now, UET has come up with another creative way to put student’s lives in danger.

It’s high time we stop disregarding the needs and rights of students. Hopefully, UET will revert its decision soon.

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