Sonya Hussyn, the acclaimed Pakistani actress renowned for her significant impact on television and cinema, recently offered candid reflections on her perspectives regarding relationships and marriage while appearing as a guest on Nadia Khan’s talk show, ‘Thori Si Masti.’

During the interview, Sonya expressed her inclination towards a life partner from outside the entertainment realm, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a healthy balance for a successful relationship.

‘Actors are quite self obsessed,’ she mentioned.

Hussyn talked about not wanting to marry someone from the same job as her because she worries it might make things complicated if both people are too focused on their careers. She thinks it’s better to take your time and find the right person for you, instead of feeling pressured by society to get married quickly.

When asked if she would marry someone from the acting industry, Hussyn said the chances are very low. She thinks actors are often too focused on themselves, and if both partners are like that, the relationship wouldn’t work out.

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Sonya further revealed how she believes she doesn’t belong to this generation.

‘Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong to this generation.’

‘I believe that people are losing their manners, class, and respect. The basic principles we learn as children, like how to treat women, what to say or not say in their presence, how to talk to elders, and showing respect by standing up for them – these things are important to me. Coming from the background I do, nothing surprises me anymore.’

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