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Vasay Chaudhry’s Ghabrana Nahi Hai has become the source of many controversy starters.  Of course, that is not always the case. The most perfect and feel-good show was when Kubra Khan was invited, unlike Yasir Hussain, where controversies were expected. Just like that, when we saw Khalil Ur Rehman in the promo last week, we knew that the upcoming episode would be a plethora of controversies.

Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar On Ghabrana Nahi Hai

As expected, Vasay tried to scoop a lot of masala out of the celebrity by making him talk about feminism and his beliefs on it. And Khalil Sahab readily did. He said he read up on the movement started ‘by women’ and he appreciates it but he (a man) does not agree with the methods and would like the women to change their way (very dominating there Khalil Sahab, no?).

He also mentioned how his movie was systematically destroyed. And he said he will take it to the media sometime later and talk about everything including why Ayesha Omar was not present at the film’s promotion.

Sohai Ali Abro on Khalil Sahab

As the show progressed, Sohai Ali Abro came onto the screen. Since it was her segment, it was her time to shine. She tried to put a light touch on his infamous hatred towards women. In her short skit, she quoted a conversation where she said that Khalil sahab loves women. And then she asked him to confirm. But Khalil Ur Rehman had to add the part where he can discriminate between who he considers good or bad women. So he said that he loves ‘good women’.

Instead of catering to such a comment, she gave him a shut-up call saying that she won’t respond to that because she doesn’t agree with that.

Have a look:

Does Sohai not agree with Khalil discriminating between good and bad women or that she thinks Khalil Sahab is into all kinds of women? Now that would be a controversy!

This is a question we want you to answer. So go ahead and leave your response in the comments.

Not to mention that Sohai didn’t stick around for long as she does with other celebrities and left almost right away after that.

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