PID Pakistan

You might have come across an alarming video that has been going viral for a couple of days now.

Unlike other viral content, which is usually hilarious or something very remarkable, this video will shake your core and leave you devastated.

PID Pakistan

The video is of Arsalan Meer, a son, brother, and a husband who raised his hands on not only his sister but also the woman who brought him into this world. Yes, his mother.

Arsalan was caught on camera, mercilessly beating the poor woman who is seen lying on the ground, trying to defend herself against this excuse for a man.

Social media was furious; the community tagged everyone they possibly thought could help from Punjab Police to the SHO, every possible link.

#JusticeForZoobiaMeer – Brother Beats Mother & Sister Over Property

Their work paid off as the son who dared to beat his mother over property is now behind bars.

It is also important to mention here that his wife has rolled out a video in which she states that he was only hitting her in ‘self-defense.’

While social media is having a field trip that this barbaric man has been locked, it is crucial for us also to realize that this event should not have happened in the first place.

A mother’s position, even in our religion, has been mentioned time and time again. The reference that ‘Jannah’ or the gateway to heaven lies below her feet in itself is a beautiful description of the value of a mother.

Unfortunately, we forget everything and let a greedy monster take over us just for a few pages of paper. One can only imagine the happiness Arsalan Meer’s mother had when he was born to her after all the pain and hardship. Only to have committed this sin and tear down all the years of love and sacrifices she must have put in raising him.

Social Media Reacts To Arsalan Meer’s Vicious Act

While many social media users have demanded, he is kept in prison for life to male an example, some demand that he should be shot in public. Once again, the problem needs to be tackled with ‘how to prevent this act from happening in the first place.’

A mother and a child’s bond is the most honest relationship in this world. It is pure; it is beautiful. She will sacrifice anything for her baby; she will give up her career, her freedom, her sleep, her food, herself in this selfless act of love, only to get this in return?

We, as a society, are responsible for shaping young men as well as young women. It is our responsibility to teach them what status parents have in ‘deen and Duniya.’ It is our duty to stop all the Arsalan Meers out there who have ruined lives and families of countless others.

Remember, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Stay safe and stay tuned to Brandsynario.

PID Pakistan


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