Single National Curriculum
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With the news of Pakistan getting a single national curriculum, the citizens were already divided. There were some who endorsed it because such a step would lessen the disparity emerging through the level of education amongst people. But there were others who found that a single curriculum might hurt the sentiments of the religious minorities in the country. Amongst criticism, the curriculum was introduced in Punjab.

Single National Curriculum in Punjab

It turns out that it was not just the religious minorities who needed their voice in the curriculum. It has been some time since the curriculum’s introduction, but all of a sudden there was a flurry of tweets on Twitter regarding the books.

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People were utterly horrified at not just what was written but also the visuals of the books. They are not completely wrong. It seems that the curriculum developers are manipulating the subconscious; teaching the children what is the right way to be.

single national curriculum
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Twitter reacts

Let’s look at some of the tweets and what people felt about the curriculum.

This one netizen observed how the book cover showed that the women sat at the feet of the men. The man and the boy are sitting on the sofa, while the woman and the girl are sitting on the carpet on the floor.

A Pakistani man also took to Twitter an image allegedly from the curriculum. According to this tweet, the curriculum was telling how a housewife should spend her time. Interestingly, the curriculum mentions all the household chores that househelp can do. But mentioning it in the book could potentially teach the future youth that there is a set way of life that a housewife needs to have. Deviation from that would tell the youth that a woman is not a good housewife. Deviation could involve something as a basic as a woman assigning a ‘me-time’ for herself.

People brought in political beliefs as well

Some thought that they could manipulate the issue for political motives. Hence, they started sharing how a Sindhi curriculum book has gender equality whereas Federal government led by PTI broadcasts gender discrimination.

More opinions on gender discriminatory curriculum

There was much more that people felt that they needed to add on the matter. Take a look at the following tweets:

As you know, for any issue while there are people who are against it, there are some who try to show that the situation is not as bad as it is shown to be.

Which side do you pick? Pro-curriculum or against curriculum?

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